Best bitcoin casino list for USA players

Best bitcoin casino list for USA players

When bitcoins first appeared on the global arena, there was hardly anyone to fully realize its potential as a payment means, especially its use in online casinos. Over the years, Bitcoin has been cementing its presence on the gambling market, and now increasingly more casinos happily accept bitcoins and allow betting in this digital currency. Bitcoin-savvy users who know all intricacies of how this currency works are rare today. For many ordinary casino visitors, Bitcoin is like Einstein’s Theory of Relativity – both fall into the category of puzzling questions. If to explain Bitcoin in a nutshell, this is a cryptocurrency that can be used as a settlement medium between parties. Bitcoins have no physical form, except for hardware wallets where their addresses are stored. There is no central bank to issue or store bitcoins as they exist only electronically, in a digital form. For the past few years, there were established many bitcoin casinos that accept players from many countries including the United States.

Best bitcoin casinos Best bitcoin casinos

Best bitcoin casinos and their upsides

Currently, there are dozens of US bitcoin casinos. As a matter of fact, they are filled with a similar variety and quantity of games, promotions and other entertaining content as gambling venues in which users play for fiat moneys (USD, EUR, etc.). But bitcoin casinos still have a couple of strengths that set them apart from the majority of casinos. Let’s first take a short look at the US legal framework concerning online gambling. In most US states, online casinos are explicitly or implicitly banned, except for three states. Yet some legislations adopted on the federal and state level conflict with each other, thus muddying the whole situation with online casinos. As of today, expert lawyers strongly believe that bitcoin online casinos act in compliance with applicable legislation, thus remaining a safe haven for US gamblers who want to play online but cannot find a reliable traditional online casino.

The anonymous nature of Bitcoin is an advantage for casino users. Actually, the word pseudonymous is more suitable in this context, since interested parties can still pin down the origin of specific bitcoins and link them with a specific person. So in fact, Bitcoin is not fully anonymous; however, it has the maximum degree of anonymity possible, given the current development of the industry reviewed. Furthermore, US bitcoin casinos do their best to keep confidential personal details of their registered punters.

Another upside to bitcoins is expedient withdrawal from casinos. Traditional online casinos usually keep money on hold for a few days, after which a user waits for the funds to arrive on the personal bank account – the entire chain of transactions can last up to a week or greater. As opposed to that, Bitcoins move from one owner to another very quickly, up to one hour. To speed up the waiting times, a bitcoin sender may reduce the number of confirmations (1 confirmation takes about 10 minutes) and thus see BTC credited faster.

Hassle-free and lightning-fast signup is another beneficial property of bitcoin casinos. Many users find it distracting having to fill in numerous mandatory fields in traditional online casinos in order to complete registration. Unlike them, USA bitcoin casinos tend to ask their guests to specify only the name and email address, and this is usually done in an instant.

Picking the best US bitcoin casino is a tough call

The majority of new and existing gamblers find it quite a task to locate a reliable and reputable bitcoin casino. Lousy, jackleg casinos often publish ads on the internet to hook up gamblers who then get cheated or cannot obtain their winnings in a timely fashion. Finding a secure bitcoin casino that always delivers on its promises, a player can do the following: carry out a comprehensive research of each bitcoin casinos found over the Internet, scan through professional gambling forums and try some casinos for fun. But this process is very long and does not guarantee satisfactory results.

As an alternative, a player can read expert reviews, for example, these posted on this website. Authors who delivered these reviews have made through and in-depth analysis of each US bitcoin casino operating on the market and handpicked only the ones that deserve player’s attention. Anyway, there are several factors that should be consulted when searching for an excellent bitcoin online casino:

  • Low minimum and high maximum withdrawal limits for US players, coupled with clear and intelligible terms
  • Solid and wide bonus program with many types of bonuses including reload and cashback. The WR rate is also important: the lower it is, the better
  • Extensive collection of slots, blackjack, roulette and other games. It is preferable that the game library should be comprised of several providers at a time
  • More than a single communication channel for contacting Customer Care service.

Virtually every casino reviewed on this website fits all factors listed above. Here, a US player will find only reliable and time-proven online casinos that accept bitcoins.

Bitcoin casinos and Provably Fair games

Many users fear of being scammed or bluffed by malevolent casinos. In traditional online casinos, it is hard or even impossible to check results of every spin in a slot, every card deal in blackjack or every wheel spin in roulette. Some gamblers begin to feel cheated after a long streak of losing rounds but have no tools to check fairness of the results and come to the conclusion whether they were scammed or not. Contrary to fiat online casinos, the best bitcoin casinos often put in place the Provably Fair engine which allows for verifying consistency of each game round. The practice behind this technology lies in calculating and comparing hashes assigned by the client’s browser and casino software, in layman’s terms. As a result of the Provably Fair calculations, a bitcoin casino user can establish the fact of whether the results of a game round are true or lie.

First steps in a US bitcoin casino

After selecting a proper bitcoin casino, a user needs to pass a signup procedure in order to play for real bitcoins and deposit funds. In many casinos, there are instructive guides on how to purchase, keep and send bitcoin, which are normally reinforced by links to exchanges and wallets. Crypto-savvy users can skip reading casino’s instructions but novices are recommended to study casino guides to avoid mistakes on any stage of bitcoin transactions. It would be great if a newcomer should give a careful perusal to the general terms and conditions in the selected bitcoin casino to explore bonus wagering rules, max betting limits when wagering, game contribution rates for the purpose of bonus wagering and other important provisions.

Range of gaming options in bitcoin casinos

USA Bitcoin casinos usually display a captivating collection of different types of games such as video slots, baccarat, roulette and blackjack that are produced by various providers. The core of every game lobby is made up of slots, which are so numerous that a casino lobby is often divided into sections that contain slot subtypes, like 5-reel slots, retro slots, 3D slots and progressives. In all bitcoin casinos, a player can place bets in this cryptocurrency and also derive winnings in bitcoins – this also refers to progressive slots. Minimum/maximum bet amounts are also very liberal and versatile, taking into account different budgets. Slot providers that power bitcoin casinos include Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech and other acknowledged trendsetters. Alongside slots, bitcoin casinos have diverse assortments of table games with variable bet limits, from a few satoshis to BTC0.05 and higher.

Promotions in the best bitcoin casinos

Online casinos that operate with fiat moneys normally offer a good range of bonuses to first-timers and sophisticated gamblers. The value of those bonuses is measured in a few hundred or thousand of dollars (which is definitely less than one bitcoin). As for US bitcoin casinos, it is conventional that they be full of high-valued bonuses that typically amount to a few bitcoins, for example, a welcome package in an ordinary bitcoin casino can cover 3 deposits and total five bitcoins, or greater. Another benefit for bitcoin casino visitors is that the playthrough requirements for bonuses are normally lower than in traditional online casinos. Bonuses are not the only entertainment option for players – there are also tournaments, raffles, cash draws and bitcoin faucets, all of which are available for registered US players.

USA Bitcoin Casino FAQ

⭐ What is Bitcoin?

In brief words, Bitcoin is a digital (cryptographic) currency that excludes the use of intermediaries in transactions between two parties. History of all bitcoin transactions is recorded in a public ledger aka blockchain.

⭐ What is a bitcoin casino?

This is actually a usual online casino with a handful of added features such as acceptance of BTC (and other crypto) as a means of payment and betting BTC in slots and table games.

⭐ How to purchase bitcoins?

Bitcoins are traded on online exchanges. A person can buy bitcoins for fiat money (dollars, euros) through traditional payment options such as debit or credit cards, electronic wallets, ATMs and cash. Bitcoins are always stored in a special crypto wallet.

⭐ Where to purchase bitcoins?

The safest and most cost-efficient way is to buy bitcoins in exchanges (trading platforms) that offer the best exchange rates and boast of spotless reputation (Binance, Kraken, Coinbase). Exchanges normally take a small fee for each deal.

⭐ What is a bitcoin wallet?

Bitcoins that have been bought and received are stored in a bitcoin wallet. There are a few types of bitcoin wallets that differ in the level of security, accessibility and other major and minor properties. The main types of wallets are Hot (software, web, mobile wallets) and Cold (paper wallet, hardware wallet).

⭐ Is betting BTC in online casinos legal?

There are no explicit U.S. state or federal laws to prohibit depositing and/or betting bitcoins in online casinos.

⭐ How to get started in a bitcoin casino?

The first step is to create an account with the bitcoin casino. The second step is to deposit BTC to the casino account with a purpose of betting real money.

⭐ How does a bitcoin casino work?

A typical bitcoin casino provides kind of online playground for adult gamblers, with slots, blackjack and other online casino games. If a user has a positive balance, s/he is entitled to cash out winnings in bitcoins.